Roscoe of Lake Jem – “Buddy”

He is a Momma’s boy and follows me everywhere I go and lays at my feet. He loves running the fence line with the neighbor dogs and his dog family. He is so fast and just leaps over things and really enjoys outside. He has a beautiful tri-colored coat. His nightly routine is to go under the bed and when it is time to take him out  he plays dead. It is amazing we will slide him out and he is totally limp until we put him down.

He comes from great champion lines. His sire is Cody of Lake Jem and his Dam is Cotonbrie Cinema Star. He is AKCFSS and UKC registered.


Sunnybrook’s Our Sweet Blessing – “Blessing”

Blessing is so beautiful and we just all want to squeeze her! We say she is like a marshmallow.  She is a Coton de Tulear with a magnificent thick coat. Her laid back personality means nothing seems to bother her. She loves to lie near you or in your lap but of course will run with the dogs and loves fetching things. Her all around great personality makes her loved by all who come in our home.  She is already like a momma to her sister so we are sure she will be a great Momma to her puppies.

Blessings sire is Multi- Grand Champion Mi-Toi’s Putting on the Ritz and her Dam is Multi-Grand Champion Annabelle at Sunnybrook’s. She is UKC and FCI registered.


Sunnybrook’s Our Southern Comfort – “Comfort” 

Comfort is the little one of the family. She is spunky and inquisitive. She has outstanding features and the blackest eyes and nose! She is a Tomboy of sorts she loves to run and play with the dogs. She leaps over them constantly. She loves sleeping with her human sister every night and is affectionately called the ankle bitter. She is always chasing our feet. She has a lighter whispy coat that is stunning which also  makes her easier to groom.

Comfort’s sire is Multi-Grand Champion Mi-Toi’s Putting on the Ritz and her Dam is Sunnybrooks Midnight Star. She is AKCFSS and UKC registered.


Health Testing

home-icon2Our dogs are very healthy and have regular veterinarian checkups. They have their OFA – Orthopedic Foundation for Animals recommended testing done. They have all been checked for their eye, hearts and patella and have great reports. They also have had their OFA recommend DNA/Genetic testing successfully completed.  This testing can be viewed upon request. Along with testing we feed our dogs a high quality dog food so they have an excellent diet to keep them healthy.